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The funniest network sayings  

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The funniest network sayings

1, the person doesn't make me, I don't prisoner; If the person make me, comity three points; People can make me, I still a needle; People also make me, extermination.

2, I allow you into my world, but not allowed to you in my world walking around.

Three, Ming SAO easily hide, dark base difficult to control.

4, days didn't drop in me, so seminer pain I mind, labor I bones and muscles.

5, hand your hand, and you'll know the son, the child's ugly, tearful don't go my way.

6, red bean not long austral, long my face, the truth think!

7, I believe that there will be a man for the torture and came by me in this world.

8, monkey tells us: always have the monsters who was taken away, not all is a bonzi background killed.

17, I again not RMB, how can you let everyone like me? !

18, a cannot extricate oneself, except teeth and love.

a cannot extricate oneself, except  the teeth and love.

Toothache is as same as hot love, cannot extricate oneself, pull out tooth and lovelorn are same, keeps a cavity.牙痛和热恋一样,不能自拔,拔牙和失恋一样,留个空洞。I love you!cannot extricate oneself我爱你!无法自拔
  19 and when life heart to make all things make evil a black humor, I make herself into a have received higher education rogue.

23, our goal: money, to thick earn.

24 and I were you turned forget a passer-by, with what accompany you waste time to there?

28, said money is evil, are bailing; Said the beauty is such, want to; Said altitude deeply cold, all in climb; Said tobacco, bujie injured body; The most beautiful heaven, said don't go!

33, single is not difficult, difficult is deal with those who leave no stone unturned to want to let you end single people.

34, what is happiness? Happiness is when you eat fish, I eat meat, watching others chew bones.

35, read a book, a dozen years to rise or kindergarten better mix!

39, many people said that marriage is the grave of love, but you can have love is better than BaoShi street total.

40 and free style after the death of water, of a good tomb also calculate before can't afford good room makes up the regret

41, allegedly, only two men to choose, get busy dying or busy living, I think I have a third choice: busy to die.

42, autumn weakness, lack of summer chunkun winter just sleep.

43, thoughts can't self, pain cannot provide for oneself, result can not himself, happiness can't from to.

44, when I was a child I think oneself grow up throughout the world, etc can save only after finding that the whole world grew up can save me.

45, if you're not give I expect response. Then keep distance in safety?

46, please don't put me on your tolerance, as you shameless of capital.

47, women no is the virtue, I must be too mean.

48, zhuge liang reinstated before also didn't take a soldier ah, you by what will I have work experience.

49, the blues with hip-hop came to erhu the same spirit of life.

50, ostrich happiness, only a pile of sand.

51, jeez, too blue! The sea, too salty! Life, too hard! Work, too bother! And you, decree by destiny! Miss you, insomnia! See you, too far!

52, wake up late.

53, drink, medicine, hang to pass bottle rope, jumping off a small handkerchief waved off.

54, iron pestle can be ground into needle, but wood clubbing grinding toothpicks, materials only wrong, try hard again also useless.

55, fool steal a beggar's purse, was the blind see, the dumb screams, put the deaf startled to fly up TuoZi stand, the lame a wanted man to foot, the public security bureau, pull him to MaZi said, look at my face calculate.

57, you want to make clear oneself life the script -- not your parents' sequel, not your children more not your friends, featuring the article.

59, the static and the wind tree, the more I love and more than he's not in.

More than 60, to wake up one day and opened my eyes, found herself sitting on the primary school classroom desks and chairs. The teacher to toss the chalk head hit his forehead.

61, young don't hu, bold unbridled, for nothing to prove old age in which subjects words.

62, as a monster, I wish is to at least annihilate a Ferdinand ossendowski.

64, again lead several decades we to meet to crematory all burning into ash you a heap of a lot of my who also incognizant who all send to rural do fertilizer ~

65, knowledge of the United States, is to make people confused; The beauty of poetry is to incite men and women derailment; The beauty of a woman, is stupid regrets; Men of the United States, is lying right daytime ghosts.

66, I thought I was decadent, today I just know, originally I have already discarded.

67, not mature man is the sign of the ideal heroic sacrifice for the logo, mature man for ideal vile alive.

68, life is like SongZuDe mouth, you never know who will be the hapless.

69, sunlight, warm, static good, you still years don't come, how dare I old?

70, people were not smart, also learn others bald.

71, my god in the posture, twinkling in this beautiful moment. Mortals not faze...

73, when young, we usually blunt the mirror make a grimace; Aged time, the mirror at last evenned off.

76, will try hard!! For the sake of you of audi my dior.

77, I am white-collar: today took salary, pay the rent hydropower, bought oil rice bubble surface, touched pocket, sigh, the monthly wages and white-collar...

78, hand, will the son towed away. Son say don't go, ok, close the door put a dog!

79, life, and that's it. Never occupy absolute leadership position, when numerous fool chanted their control the life, the master destiny. But not see, life in higher sky. Show the taunt faces scorn.

80, he is a pot of water, add your meters pile, after a few years, then became the mellow wine, and you became a pile of waste of rotten rice, not useless, also can be used to feed the pigs.

81, not the wish is the slave's people, may do renminbi slaves.

83, I am not overpass on the fortune-teller, Lao out so much you listening to knock.

84, life 2 words two decades I big cerebellum aftertaste twitching, spinal cord spasm. Always was not to the purpose.

MengShi 85, really, dare to face your face without makeup.

86, tianshan mountain kid mu - appearance, heart however has 365 wanting every word, word rift close four words of chun xiaqiu winter rift, vicissitudes of life to the demon.

87, sometimes so, want to turn head to also have already too late, even if you Ken degenerate into an animal is backward, not necessarily have to back the draft in waiting for you.

88, once we all think we can, in fact, love for love dead person, and it would only miracle in the most painful reaches a needle, and then where our tears, we tossed and turned into a long, our medical, we practice makes perfect. You are not the wind, I am also not a sand, then touching not get tianya, dried her tears, tomorrow morning, we all have to work.

89, once and friends looked up at the sky and then we tearful, he is because brokenhearted, I then because of a sprained her neck.

90, in fact you I are same, everybody was installed, the key is to install like, outfit round, a threshold, outfit became just ahead, become the legendary temperament middleman, didn't pack good, just stuck in there. Is Carmen.

The funniest network sayings
Be networked language, bring us philosophy also brings
a humorous, happy.
1, make more friends always good! If there is any unhappy things, a meeting, you can speak to have fun with them once!
2, if at night without party, you can also enjoyment: hand cut wire spark along with melee lightning!
3, but please remember: lack health
and life insurance, after dark, do not easily heroic!!
4, for emotional, we want to natural and unrestrained. But not -- hands in pockets, who is not
5, handle feelings, we must flat and agile. So-called hand, will the son towed away. Son say not to go, okay, close the door put a dog!
Six, don't Mired in a relationship, remember: a
cannot extricate oneself, except the teeth and love
7, brokenhearted will cheer up, don't cry and make, night night not sleeping, hand take a small bottle of tablets, rope to commit suicide by hanging!
8, want to remain single was not difficult, difficult is just to cope with those seeking to want to let you end single people
9, for some boring people, might as well send him 1: "again vexed I, I will get you bind grass on the boat borrow arrow go to!"
10, for some more rogue, gave him 1: "please don't take me to your tolerance, as you shameless of capital!"
11 and the marriage also keep optimistic, though marriage is the grave of love, but can have love is better than BaoShi street is much better!
12, they will progress, and occasionally learn geomantic, after the death of a good tomb also calculate before can't afford good room makes up the regret!
13, we also learn how to maintain, don't do real MengShi, have the courage to face your not makeup face!
14, because when young, we usually blunt faces in the mirror. When you are old, mirror always square!
15, you will understand oneself life the script - it's not your parents' sequel, not your children prequel, more is not your friend's outer articles.
16 and wish every teacher can find love her duguan, spoiled rather she, and cherish her, consideration for her, and protect her, lifetime to hear her a person to chant buddhist scripture...
17, in the end, I wish everyone happy... Happiness is the cat ate fish, dog meat, Ferdinand ossendowski dozen small monster, Happiness is you eat fish, I eat meat, watching others chew bones!
BianHouYu: humor bring happiness, let us together sunned himself are familiar with the network language!

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