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jot down  

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jot down
Related phrases
jot something?down
verb: note
Web translations
jot down
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略記下 68 jeopardy 风险危险危难Jeopardize 危害69 jet lag 时差70 jot down 略记下匆匆记下 news.iciba.com - Related search
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Usage examples
"Hold a clipboard, basically. Jot down the plays," Edwards said. "That's what they'd have to do."
Oct 21, 2008 -  Herm Edwards -  International Herald Tribune
"I jot down events of the days, things that went on during practice, during the day, during the games," said Stegall, who confirmed after Tuesday's practice that he's still "99.9 per cent" sure he'll retire after the season. "There's a...
Oct 31, 2007 -  Milt Stegall -  CFL.ca Network
"Grab a pen and paper and make sure you jot down her number -- trust me," Seacrest said before Alexis performed "Dirty Diana."
Mar 10, 2009 -  Ryan Seacrest -  Washington Post
Web definitions
write briefly or hurriedly; write a short note of


(1)As close as a prayer-2011年5月5日

默认分类 2011-05-05 09:34:47 阅读212 评论4   字号:大中小 订阅

You do not know what a day will bring PSALM 118:19-29你不知道每一天会有什么事发生:

Many people carry a diary; we jot down meetings to attend, birthday or anniversaries, and social events. At the beginning of a week, we look in our dairy and assume that we have a clear picture of what we will be doing.

Over time, we become aware of how many unexpected events occur-in our personal life, oin our work life, in our community and nation and world. More than 2,000 years ago a wise person observed,"You do not jbiow wgat a dat at bring"(PROVERBS27:11). We may be faced with an accident, illness, natural disaster or loss of employment.
But we christians know that we are not alone in a heartless universe. In every circumstance, every day, God is with us.As the psalmist affirmed.(This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it)

Knowing god is with us,that the living Christ is as close as a murmured prayer can take the sting out of heartbreak and give us strength. An an unexpected phone call or letter-or a visit from an old friend- is a real blessing that we didn't know the day might bring.


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Opening the back door, I was confronted by an angry neighbour.Her voice drowned out the sounds of our children playing happily in her garden. She stood, fists clenched, eyes blazing, mouth spewing accusations against my children and me. My hand itched to slap her face. ZInstead , I called the boys in and closed the door.

    Anger rose within me like a boiling cauldron at such unwaranted abuse But instead of hadning it to God, I held on to it, allowing it to fester and taint my life. The one day jesus brought me to my knees with these words from the Lord's prayer : forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who tespass against us. I felt an ice-cold arrow targeting my simmering anger.


My family had had to live with the consequences of that anger. I had lost a relationship with a neighbour and the children lost their playmate-until God helped me tpo see the truth. If we do not hand over our anger, hatted and pride to God those emotions can destro our lives. I thank God for a lesson learned-the hard way.



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