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Chinese stories :A lion Comming to the earthly World Simba  

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Chinese stories :A lion Comming to the earthly World Simba


Welcome back to  "chinese world".There is such a chinese,who went all the way to africa alone to pretect wild animals there.therefore,he gave up a stable life in china.and gave up much time of enjoying family happiness.He is simba.Today ,let  us go to visit Simba and know the story between Simba and these wild animals.Africa ,a magical land full of vitality and wildness is a paradise of  wild animals.Countless creatures live and reproduce here,Sucn as lions,zebras,leopards,rhinos.Simba,a chinese settled down in Kenya of ,Africa.Since 2005,he has been engaged in protecting wild animals in Africa.In Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya.Simba,with the staff here,patrol all day long to prevent the damage to  wild animals,such as illegal poaching and graze ,etc.Today ,they patrolled in the reserve as usual.As soon as they set out,they found a wounded lion.Half cheek of the lion's face was badly mutilated.Besides,it moved slowly.Simba and other staff immediately organized vets to rescue the lion.Simba has rich experience in rescuing  wild animals. But the lion was injured extremely seriously,which made Simba a little worried.When patrolling, they found a male lion,about three years old.Maybe it fought with its brother.Its right cheek,except  eye,was injured very seriously,and badly mutilatedly.Mosquitoes bit on its face.And it walked unsteadily.if we didn't take rescue measures,maybe after 3 or 5 days,one week at most,it would die.Because it got hurt and ate noting for a long time,the lion was very weak.it lay still on the grass.It was in imminent danger.Simba and other staff decided to rescue the lion immediately.So would the lion be out of danger successfully? The vets dicided to inject anesthetic for the lion first.However,the dose of anesthetic was very critical for rescue.The dose of anesthetic must be very exact. Otherwise,there were two possibilities.One was that the anesthetic was not enough.It would wake,before we finished curing.


Simba  whose autonym is zhuo qiang


副词才能修饰副词   She runs fast  She runs very fast. fast是副词,very也是副词
2010-11-17 21:49
1.形容词:  形容词有很多呀,例如,nice(好的,高兴的),beautiful(美丽的),careful(小心的),interesting(有趣的)等等。  用法:它们都能修饰名词或作表语。例如,nice cake,beautiful girls,be careful,(careful在联系动词后作表语),The story is interesting.等等。另外,形容词还可以加后缀变成副词的。  形容词一般在句中可作定语、表语、宾语补足语。如:  This is a red flag. 这是面红旗。  I’m glad to meet you. 见到你,我很高兴。  I found the book very interesting. 我发现这本书非常有趣。  形容词在修饰不定代词时,放在不定代词之后。如:  There is something new in today’s newspaper.  今天的报纸上有些新东西。  但有些形容词只能作表语,不能作定语,它们常称为表语形容词。  如:afraid, ill, asleep, awake, alone, alive, unable等。  The little girl is afraid of dogs. 这个小女孩怕狗。  I am ill in bed today. 今天我生病卧床休息。     2。副词:形容词变成副词时,通常在形容词末尾加“ly”。例如,形容词quick-quickly,careful-carefully,slow-slowly等等。  用法:修饰动词。例如,write carefully,play happily,He runs slowly等等。  但你一定要注意哟!有些名词加后缀ly变成的是形容词。例如,sister-sisterly(姐妹般的),friend-friendly(友好的),brother-brotherly(兄弟般的)。  希望对你有帮助!


[华人世界]华人故事:来到人间的雄狮 星巴(20120612)

















北京“剩男”对话台北“剩女”单身原因究竟为何?个人的单身选择会为城市带来哪些影响?专家又会为“剩斗士”出何妙招?《城市1对1》—城市里的“剩斗士”,首播6月17日17:15,重播6月23日23:24,敬请关注!城市1对1 城市1对1官方微博
《城市1对1》栏目每周一期,每期45分钟。首播:周日16:10--16:55 重播:周日23:25--24:10 相约6月,全新改版,想约6月,敬请收看。

Hellow, everyone.Welcome come to "city to city.I'm Li xiaodong. The group we are focusing on today is the group of single men and women living in cities who are old enough to be married but have not formed a family.The cities involved in the dialogue are Beijing and Taibei.First ,let us  watch a short video.In 2007,the term "leftover men and women" became one of the 171 official new words of the Chinese language.Based on the standards of affiliated departments,unmarried men over the age of 30 and unmarried women over the age of 27 are listed as "leftover men and leftover women".In Taibei,this group is known  as "single nobility and defeated queen"(from novelist Yoriko Sakai's novel ) .These terms refer to those men and women whose ages have exceeded the legal definition of "late marriage" and are still working on resolving the issue of their marriage.According to statistics,in 2012,and the number of single men and  women in Beijing will increase beyond 1 million.In Taiwan,in the past decade, adult single men and women number 1.59 million.the "leftover men and women" group has already become a new city group and a new sub-culture seen acorss our  society.Alright,let's invite our two guests right away,Dace,a media worker from Beijing,as well as the renowned model and media workerl. from Taiwan,Gu caixia,Welcom.Xiaodong.Hellow ,Dace,Hellow Gu caixia.Please take a seat.Dace ,is still a single,right?That's right.Then can I ask when your last relationship ended?I'm not a celebrity and artist,so if I say anything,I'm sure nobody will pay attention,just my family.Then by my calculations,it completely ended around 2006.It was a relationship in university.What do you mean by "completely ended "?Because as you know,these things(relationships) aren't  like recording a program,where everything finishes  when you  say  "goodbye ,everyone,we will see you  next week," and everyone goes back to their own homes.Because emotions are around for a long period of time,and sometimes people separate,but still think of one another.For two people who have been together for a long time ,to suddenly have this relationship ended,with such advanced communications,on the blogs or phones back then,there would always be a  way to find information about the other person.So we still struggled with diciding whether or not to break up .I think it was in  2006 when we completely left each other's lives. From 2006 to today,in these five or six years,I haven't  had a nomal,presentable relationship which was worthy of myself  or which I could responsible for.Have you summarized the reasons that you both split up in your last relationship?Every relationship is the same when you are dating.Both of you are very harmonious and sweet, but  there are myriads  of reasons for breaking up.Back then ,I also had my own problems.I had my own problems.You had your own problems.What sort of problems do you think you had? For my problems ,Including these  past  five or six years, one of the main reasons that I have remained single might be because I am fairly independent .I think that the reason many people get married  is because when they reach a marriage-appropriate age,they will discover that they can't solve many of the problems in life on their own, and they need a partner, and a family to help them complete a certain socialized functions,like medical care ,and education,and retirement ,and functions that two people have of eliminating each other's loneliness. I have actually done alright in these aspects.I can actually deal with my own  life in a very orderly fashion.That's the first aspect.The second aspect is that  I might be a bit selfish.You konw that the generation of people born in the 1980's are confident and strive to improve themselves,They will rarely think about other people, and they will be aware that because they don't think of others, they don't have much hope that others will think of them.Living in such a clear-cut,transparent world isn't actually sucn a good thing.Those are my problems.And without think about it ,just like the video just said,I am an unmarried  person who has passed the suitable age for marriage and have been classified as a leftover man.How about this ?Let talk with Caixia.You are single now,right?Yes. How many relationships have you had in the past?Can you tell us ?Sure. I actually haven't had that many relationships.But there was one relationship which lasted half my life,so I'm tired of dating.How aren't old enough to have had a relationship that lasted half your life!The relationship lasted for over 10 years.It was my first relationship.And that was the only  relationship.You were together for over 10 years.Yes.Originally,I had been destined to be with him,but in the end I felt that...I think that  Dace is a good man,and he said it very well.Everyone discovers that the other person is actually selfish,so in the end,they aren't  willing to compromise.The longer you are involved,the clearer you are,and the clearer you are,when you thought process is more rational and clear,you will discover that you actually don't  need this.You don't need that person or you don't need a relationship and a marriage?You don't need any of it.At the time, I felt like since I had spent my life with this person,that he should help me unconditionally to do what I needed most.That relationship was a long-distance relationship,and one of us  was in the north,and one in the south,my boyfriend was in Kaohsiung,and we were together for so long,but when I need him the most...Because in the past ,I had my own brand and had made accessories,and when I need him the most ,he was the first  to refuse me,so I was hurt at the time.

I saw a statistic in the past saying that if you lived your entire life in Beijing you might encounter 29 million people.Everyday if you pass through a subway station,there  are so many people rubbing shoulders as they pass ,so if you really want to find love,the chance is as low as 0.000000049.It's a very small statistic.So true love and being able to get along is actually fairly hard,because there are many encounters,but actually entering the stream of love and being able to create a love which lasts a lifetime is something like a legend,so I really think...In the past ,there was a micro-blog which filed me with emotion.It was a university professor in Jiangsu,and this old professor  who was over 60 years old would bring his wife with him to class everyday, because his wife had depression,and he was worried that if she  was left at home she would try to  commit suicide.And so he brought her to class  with him every day,at the first thing he would do every day is bow to his students, and say,"I'm sorry,students ,I'm bringing my wife to class as I teach you today,to disrupt you."None of the students blamed him.They actually thought that it was very sweet,because they noticed their true love. that  teacher didn't teach love psychology,but I'm sure that in his class his students would cherish love even more.So I think that everyone is dreaming about that sort of love.How hard must that be.This is your dream.That's right,it's so hard.To find a depressed spouse and  bring her to class with you.That's pretty good too.You would make each other depressed.Dace is thinking of that sort of fairy tale of the story of love,to meet the right person at the right time.Right,otherwise, I can just live by myself,because I don't have any problems by myself.That's what it's like.Dace,for example,you have been single for five or six years.Have you ever had an arranged date?Have you?No.Absolutely not.I have.Let's first ask Dace.Why "absolutely not"?There're some people who strike up a conversation  and suggest introducing me to someone.But I think this is unreliable.I don't think I have reached that low of a point...Of course that's not saying that there is any wrongs with arranged dating,but I don't think it's appropriate for me.You thinking that arranged dating is fairly shameful.The goal of arranged dating is very clear,it is marriage-oriented. Two people don't have an emotional foundation,and they don't know the other person,and might not even know the name or information of the other person,so they can only talk about each other's situation,their work,income,the size of their houses,their annual income,the health of their parents,whether they will live together after they get married,whether they will go to the other  person's home for the New Year,and a series of questions.Who says that you only talk about this on arranged dates?At first,you can talk about romance and go see a movie or play or something.You 'll definitely talk about that on the second date.Dace,I think you think too much.Yes,I'm a type of person with many worries.I would rather...Because I lead a good life now,and I have foreseen so many areas of pain in that sort of life,so I deliberately avoid it.So there isn't actually that much pain in that sort of life,and life after marriage isn't that frustrating,and arranged dating isn't that terrifying,those are my problems.I worry too much.Caixia,have you been on an arranged date?I have.Was it in Beijing or Taipei?In Taipei.Yes.Our arranged date was actually just for fun,because I'd never  done it,so I had them just find whoever and introduce them to me.What do you mean by" find whoever"?Just a decent guy who has a nomal job and isn't too bad,and we can meet and talk.Because in Taipei,our life is too fast-paced,and there are many people who stay at home and I think if it is done through the internet,it can actually be dangerous. But if a friend introduces them to you,then the person they introduce might be able to be your friend,it isn't necessarily that...The definition of arranged dating doesn't mean that I'm going to marry you as soon as I see you.I have had that situation many times.So you have been on arranged dates.You slipped and spill it all ! No,but when I think of arranged dating,When the host asked the question,there will be one word that goes along with arranged dating.Marriage.There is a matchmaker who will poke at her mole(for good luck) and then tell you how you are and how she is, and have the  two of you shake hands,and then,"Alright,you're successfully matched,I wish you happiness."

That's right_百度词[网络释义] 

That's right 1.没错 2.你说的对 That's right. 1.对了。 2.是的。 3.正确 That’s right 1.你说的对 That’s right. 1.对了。 2.没错。 that's right. 1.对了。 that’s right. 1.对了。

That's right等

That's right  That's all right  All right   That's OK  Right  Exactly  With pleasure  It's my pleasure  It's a pleasure  分别回答对方的什么话  是什么意思

That's right:判断事情对错,回答是否等问题,比如别人问你对不对,你说                对,就可以用That's right  That's all right:别人向你道歉,你说没关系  All right :行,可以。比如朋友约你看电影,你答应说说行  That's OK:跟All right意思一样,但语气更强些。  Right:对的  Exactly:恰好,正是,比如别人提了一个建议,或者说一段话,恰好符合你的           心意,就说Exactly  With pleasure  It's my pleasure  It's a pleasure  这三个都是回答别人的感谢。区别不大,都是很随意的口语。  It's my pleasure比较正式隆重,有荣幸之至的意思  It's a pleasure程度一般  With pleasure程度较轻,口语用的多    本人正宗六级,希望对你有所帮助,good luck

___ it's raining, we have to stay at home.
用because 还是as?原因是什么? 是不是因为句子as要放在前面,如果用because的话就要变成:we have to stay at home because it's raining?   谢谢指教

应该用as,因为because不能放在句子前面, 除非是要补充之前的句子。

举例:We have to stay at home today. It is because it was raining outside. 可是很少人这样用,因为可以写 We have to stay at home today because it was raining. 连在一起变成一个句子就好啦。

举例:As it is raining outside, we have to stay at home.
We have to stay at home as it is raining outside.



He jumped from behind the tree.
He waited there until after 8:00.

可以的,有时为了强调通常会用两个介词,如come on in

请问:在一个句子中,可以两个介词连用?如:go on with his work .


其他回答 共3条
go on 为词组,on 不看成介词

go on 是词组,可以理解为Vi, 然后再加介词
可以 有时介词跟系动词连用形成一个介词短语

 one another
首先我知道one another是三人以上的"互相"的意思,只是想进一步理解以加强记忆,我现在不知道是把这个词组理解为"一个人(one)的另外一个(another),还是理解为"一个(one)另外一个人(another)"第一个理解中的"一个人是指多数人中的一个表示为代词,第二个理解中的"一个的"表示形容词


应该理解为第二种意思,首先你得把你自己算进去,在这个基础上,有一个人,理解为one ,然后还有一个人,就是one another了

1.one another是你和我之间意思 也就是彼此/互相之间
相关短语each other   together

They looked after one another.

They looked after one another.

Differing one from another.

2.你可这样记啊。有个短语ONE AFTER ANOTHER表示一个接一个地/一个又一个。
3.one another 在很大程度上和 each other 意义相同
作为非英语研究专家,你不用拆开来理解,这是一个english convention(习语)

在附上两个例句:Liz and I have known one another for years.
They often stay at one another's houses.

5.这样的理解都不对,语言里本来就有很多约定俗成的词汇。所以分开理解没有意义。把它和each other放在一起记就可以了。 一个是each两人之间的对方(the)other,一个是多人之中one的任何另外一个another

6.一般来说one another指三者或三者以上,但实际上理解成“彼此;互相”就可以了,不用刻意记住是几个人。

这里给你讲解一下each other和one another的区别。
所以一般考试不会考“两者之间一定要用each other,三者或三者以上一定要用one another”

a.一般认为 each other 指两者,one another指三者或三者以上。
We respect each other [one another].
我们互相尊重 (对方)。
The sea and the sky seemto melt into one another [each other].

They know each other’s [one another’s] weak points.

c.each other 可折开用 (each ... the other),而 one another则不能:
We helped each other.
=We each helped the other.

d.语的“互相”是副词,但是英语中的 each other 和 one another均为代词,
因此在及物动词之后可直接用作宾语 (如help each other);
而在不及物动词之后,则要借助介词 (如talk to each other, learn from one another 等)。

正:We each know what the other thinks.
误:We know what each other [one another] thinks.

have been to的用法和注意事项

have been to 去哪现在已经回来
have gone to 去哪现在还没回来。
例如: I
have been to Dalian four times
       He has gone to Dalian , he will be back in two days.

have been to用于完成时态中,意思是"去过某地"(现在已经回来了).
eg:I have been to Beijing twice.
have gone to是"去了某地"(已经到了某地或在去某地的路上,总之不在说话的地方.)
eg:-Where is Jim?
   -He has gone to Beijing.
还有个have been in是在某处呆了多久.

back then 怎么翻译


这个问题需要考虑语境,一般时候翻译为当时,那个时候,比如  Nobody liked dancing back then.  那时代没有人喜欢跳舞。  I cannot forget the good times we had together back then.  我不能忘记以前我们所拥有过的快乐时光。

being able to 用于什么时态?

therefore,is to look upon the dictionary writer as being able to see into the future,which neither he nor anyone else can do.

be able to 可以用于各种时态,但是being able to + 动词 是以动名词的形态体现,在句子中作为主语或宾语,表达XX能力或某种状态,因此与时态不发生直接关连。



be able to 和 can 分别用于那种时态?求解


can 可用于一般现在和将来  could过去
be able to 都可以
其实主要考察can 表能力  be able to 表成功做成

其他回答 共1条

2011-2-21 19:59 15379 | 四级
can只能用于现在时和过去时,be able to 可以对be变形用于各种时态 

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