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regarding to 以及 regarding 的区别 call in的用法  

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请问regarding to 以及 regarding 的区别 /call in的用法
2009-5-14 09:38
提问者: ulick2008 ik.qb.data.add
请问regarding to 以及 regarding 两者使用上有什麼区别吗?  还是是同样意思呢?  满意回答 
regarding 是介词,和about,concerning是一样的意思,所以不存在regarding to 的用法

"regarding" or "regarding to"?

Should I use "regarding something" or "regarding to something"?

In 90% of the cases, "regarding"
e.g. "Regarding your request, I shall answer you tomorrow"
Amazingly, there's a great number of hits in Google. I would actually consider "Regarding to your request" ungrammatical but there's 1-2 hits in British National Corpus, so I might be wrong. However, in both cases the speaker's country of origin is unknown, which probably means they're not native speakers.
Don't confuse "regarding to" with "regard to". This is frequently used, as in this sentence:
"He's crossed the Rubicon with regard to the use of military force as an option."
Perhaps "regarding to your request" is grammatical in some dialect, e.g. AmE?? Some native American speaker could enlighten us..

No, that is not grammatical in American English either.  So the BNC has problems simlar to Google's, eh?
"Regarding something"
"With regard to something"
"As regards something"

are all fine. There is a (in my view, lamentable) tendency for many native speakers to confuse these last two, and say "With regards to something". I regard it as A Bad Thing, but it's happening.

   I would actually consider "Regarding to your request" ungrammatical but there's 1-2 hits in British National Corpus, so I might be wrong.
No, I think you're right, Mariner: in standard BrE, it would be ungrammatical.
The second of the examples in the BNC comes from a Leeds Utd email:
"...goals in 12 matches in England is not at all impressive; the chances keep coming all the time in games over here". So too bad that Wilko would not give the guy a real chance --; specially regarding to the stuff that that Wilko spoke when Frank signed. Well --; i wish Frank good luck and i --;really--; hope he keeps them goals coming down in Spain too give Wilko some sleepless nights … What a week: Batts..."
There are 5 non-standard phrases in this short text; though some of them may be due to hasty typing (e.g. #2 and #5).
So no native speakers would say "regarding to"?      Last edited by dihen; 08-Oct-2006 at 03:14.

'No native speakers;' might be an overstatement, but very few.

How about, "No native speakers should...."
Why? What would that mean there?, "No native speakers are supposed to...."?      Last edited by dihen; 08-Oct-2006 at 16:13.
That would be a rough translation.
For more information regarding the product, see page 15.

Can I use "concerning" in place of regarding?
Yes you could, but that doesn't mean that the two words are always interchangeable.
(By the way, are all these new avatar photos of you?)
请问regarding和with regards to有什么区别
2011-7-19 07:52
海怡321 ik.qb.data.add('user','234bbaa3e2f93332315c00','http://img.baidu.com/img/iknow/avarta/66/r6s2g3.gif'); | 浏览次数:7184次
就像这道题应该选择什么?  Richard was called in by the police to answer questions ______ disappearance of Thomas Ripley, whose relatives were so _____ his present situation.  A concerning; concerning about  B concerned; worrying about  C with regards to; concerned about  D regarding; concerned about  谢谢
都啥年代了当老师的怎么还喜欢出这种钻牛角尖的题。    好吧试着说说。    这个题想弄晕你的主要是 concern 的两个用法:  1) concerning, “关于”,这个用法跟 regarding 是同义词。  2) (someone is) concerned,关注,担心。    A 可以排除,因为其第二个空只能用 concerned 才能表示家属为之担心。  B 可以排除。因为第一个空只能用 concerning 才能表示“关于”(托马斯的失踪)  C 可以排除,因为其“正确”形式是 with regard to (没有 s)。Regards 是用在书信结尾的敬语,相当于汉语的“XX敬书”。为了表示敬意多多,就用复数形式。    regarding 和 concerning 是同义词,都表示“关于”。    所以选D
in regarding to, in regards to,和in regard to,3者有什么不同
as regards    in/with regard to    regarding    这3个都是标准的表达。至于楼主提出的另2种也有人用,明白意思即可,用作考试不行。    而单独说regards是“问候,慰问”的意思,想必楼主也知道。
As regards strength 关于力量
with regard to 和as regards 以及in regard to 都是一样的,是副词词性,意思是“关于,至于,提到”的意思。    与之相类似的还有 as to和as for,都是“关于,至于”之意,日常彼此可以互换的。

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2009-2-9 12:34 google_1000 ik.qb.data.add('user','b9f3676f6f676c655f313030308d03','http://img.baidu.com/img/iknow/avarta/66/r6s1g3.gif'); | 三级

in regarding to  在关于向  in regards to    在关于  in regard to     关于  明白了吧! 

regarding 和regarding to 哪个做开头是对的?

应该是regarding to 吧!!!


还有with reference to = regarding 啊(可以)

而referring to意思好像是“引用”不是“关于”啊(不可以)

后面的as regarding 应该是 as regards 才对吧!!(不可以)

而 concerning 和 concerning to 和上面打*的理由是一样的(选concerning to啊)


regarding 关于  regarding to 针对?
call in的用法

是call sb. in还是call in sb.啊?哪些动词短语直接加宾语,哪些是中间加(有规律吗)?


1、call sb. in或call in sb 都对!

其他回答 共2条
2011-8-26 09:44 热心网友

都不加  call in 就是打电话进来  不是打给谁    call somebody like call Mary or call me 就没加in 

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2011-8-26 10:00 雅思专家赵静 ik.qb.data.add('user','05f9d1c5cbbcd7a8bcd2d5d4beb20611','http://img.baidu.com/img/iknow/avarta/66/r6s2g7.gif'); | 七级

两者都可以。call用作动词时,既可作及物动词用。也可作不及物动词用。  call sb in / call in sb 找来、叫来某人(服务):call in the police叫警察来  call in a doctor请医生。call in 本身有召集、召来的意思。     call 用法大全    1. call at a place (1) (车船等)停靠。如:The train calls at every station. 这火车每个站都停。(2) 到某地拜访。如:She called at his office yesterday. 她昨天去了他办公室拜访。    2. call away (1) 叫走,叫开。如:He was called away by a friend. 他被朋友叫走了。(2) 转移(注意力等)。如:He is studying an important problem, and nothing can callaway his attention. 他正在研究一个重要问题,什么也不能使他分心。    3. call back(1) 唤回,叫回。如:>(1) He was about to leave when his wife called him back. 他正要离去,他妻子把他叫了回来。(2) 回电话,再打电话。如:I’ll call (you) back. 我将给你回电话。He’s not in. Please call back later. 他不在家,请过一会儿再打来。)    4. call for sth (sb)(1) 喊着叫某人来,喊着叫人取来某物。如:He called for the waiter. 他叫服务员。The boy called for his clothes. 小男孩喊着给他拿衣服来。He called for a glass of beer. 他叫了一杯啤酒。(2) 来或去取某物,来或去接某人。如:We called for the packages at the post office. 我们到邮局领取包裹。I’ll call for you (at your house) at nine. 我九点(到你家)来接你。(3) 需要,要求。如:This problem calls for careful thought. 这问题需要好好想一想。The work calls for time and patience. 这工作需要时间和耐心。   注:有时可接不定式的复合结构。    5. call in (1) 叫进,请进。如:He only waited two minutes before he was called in. 他只等了两分钟就被叫了进去。(2) 找来,请来。如:Call in the doctor at once. 马上去请医生来。(3) 来访。如:Please call in at five. 请在五点来访。He called in the office this afternoon. 他今天下午来办公室坐了一会儿。(4) 收回。如:The librarian called in all the books. 图书管理员把书全部收了回去。     6. call off (1) 叫走,转移开。如:Call your dog off. 把你的狗叫走。(2) 取消,不举行。如:The match was called off because of bad weather. 由于天气不好,比赛取消了。He phoned me and called the appointment off. 他给我打电话取消了这次约会。  7. call (up)on sb 拜访或看望某人。如:He called on them that evening. 他那天晚上去拜访了他们。I called upon Mrs Foster this evening. 我今晚去看望了福斯特太太。  8. call sb sth 为某人叫某物。如:Please call me a taxi. 请帮我叫一辆出租车。请帮我叫一辆出租车。注:该句型也可用介词 for 改写。如:Please call a taxi for me.   9. call (up)on sb to do sth   叫(请)某人做某事。如:Then the teacher called on me to answer the question. 这里老师叫我回答问题。We are calling on you to help us. 我们恳请你帮助我们。(2) 号召某人做某事。如:The Party called on us to study hard for the people. 党号召我们要为人民努力学习。  10. call out(1) 大声叫(喊)。如:He called out with pain. 他痛得大叫。The drowning boy called out for help. 溺水的男孩大声呼救。(2) 叫出去。如:The teacher called me out. 老师把我叫了出去。(3) 召唤,请来,调去。如:He decided to call out the army. 他决定动用军队。The fire brigade was called out twice last night. 昨晚消防队出动了两次。注:有时可接不定式的复合结构。如:A number of police were called out to keep order. 不少警察被调去维持秩序。  11. call up (1) (给……)打电话。如:Please call me up this evening. 请今晚给我打电话。请今晚给我打电话。All right, I’ll ring up again. 好吧,我回头再打电话。(2) 想起,回忆起。如:Your letter calls up the days when we worked together. 你的来信使我想起了我们在一起工作的情景。(3) 召集,应召入伍。如:He was called up right at the beginning of the war. 他在战争一开始就被应征入伍。 


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